Indibeam Featured in Techgami

Indibeam occupying major fame in the content marketing world – Featured in TechGami

“Wisdom of words”remember the tagline? It is like It Happened yesterday when Indibeam started their writing platform which came into existence on 1st June 2017.

In a recent talk with them we got to know about Indibeam completing two successful years on this 1st of June 2019. The team says that it will be a great platform for brands who want to showcase and promote their work in the recent times. They are going to add more exciting features on their website along with exciting things planed up for Indibeam Beamers.

The platform was started by two young minds Rahul Prajapati and Abhishek Jungi later Rajesh Sardhara joined the team Indibeam. Currently it is holding places for many young Indian writers who find the place Indibeam as the popular first choice to write and cabinet their creativity skills. In the compassionate world where young mind unites, comes out the success glowing like the first ray of sunrise.

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