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How Young Entrepreneurs Of Indibeam Are Taking Baby Steps In Industry? – Featured in CogentTalks

HEY, WRITERS, THERE IS GOOD NEWS FOR YOU! – Here I am going to introduce “Indibeam”.

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“The first draft is just you telling yourself the story” – Terry Pratchett.

Introducing Indibeam, a platform for the most passionate writers and the most ardent and sincere readers. It is a platform that provides writers a chance to express themselves without any inhibitions and exposes readers to quality content.

It was founded by Rahul Prajapati, Rajesh Sardhara and Abhishek Jungi. They started with this concept in order to create a platform that would empower writers. A platform that would encourage them to care more about creating good content and less about the procedure of gathering a huge audience for it. Here, we have a chat with the budding entrepreneurs regarding their ambitious idea. They give us an insight into the thought process that leads to the development of the website and their future plans regarding the same.

Rahul shared with us about the contemporary situation, where there is cut-throat competition between writers to find an appropriate outlet to pitch their product and get noticed for it. So writers have to worry about creating good content AND attracting an audience for that content. In these circumstances, having a website like Indibeam actually simplifies things because the website has a very simple belief- writers shouldn’t have to worry about their reach, they should only worry about the writings.

According to Abhishek and Rajesh, they have extended the platform to create space for singers, dancers, and comedians. They have added features which support audio and video recordings. 

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